Three Ways to Learn Haitian Creole

Learn Haitian Creole audio – I am sure Yeral’s book “Teach Yourself Haitian Creole” would be very effective in an audio version. You could read his book while also listening to it. Your learning curve would be enhanced through reading his book and then having the concepts reinforced by an audio version. His teaching method is fluid whatever way you choose to learn Haitian Creole from his resources. You may find his book at for the very reasonable price of $9.99.This book could be sold for a lot more but it is realistically priced. Yeral is quite knowledgeable in speaking Haitian Creole and he has offered his extensive knowledge in this easy to learn book. The audio version would allow the leaner to hear the correct pronunciation of Haitian Creole words. You could listen to Yeral’s audio version than repeat the pronunciation. This would be a very effectual way to learn Haitian Creole. It would take no time to learn Haitian Creole by using these two methods. Yeral makes learning Haitian Creole easy to learn using the audio version and the written version.

Learn Haitian Creole pdf – Origian and History of Haitian Creole in pdf format explains the origin and history of Haitian Creole. The author, Jacques L. Bonenfant, traces Haitian Creole to enslaved West Africans on the plantation. There is evidence that it was influenced by West African language especially EWE and Indo-European languages: French, English and Spanish. It’s noted that France, England and Spain all colonized Haiti. The native language of the West Africans was developed as pidgin, lingua franca and Creole.

The author puts forth an interesting theory. Based on many lexicons that are close to English that Haitians use. He thinks Haitian Creole is connected to Shakespearean English. But there really is no substantial proof to support this idea.

Haitian Creole is spoken by 7 million people on the island of Haiti it’s their native language. Some attacked the language as being primitive compared to European languages. Noam Chomsky put an end to this fallacy with his concepts of universal languages. These concepts are: phonology, morphology, semantics, lexicon and syntax. This forever put to rest that Haitian Creole wasn’t a fully developed language. Haitian Creole has merged with the Haitian people also helping to put an end to the fallacy

Learn Haitian Creole app – Yeral’s book ““Teach Yourself Haitian Creole” would be a perfect fit for any iPad, iPhone or Android application. Just think you can learn Haitian Creole in about 3 months. You can carry your mobile device with you wherever you go and Yeral’s book will be right there with you. You can be sitting in the mall or riding to your favorite vacation spot and learn Haitian Creole with Yeral. Wherever you are using your mobile app Yeral will teach you Haitian Creole in an easy and digestible way. Using the method found in his book you can learn Haitian Creole in 3 months. Become a master in 3 months!

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