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If you are wondering what a Manga is. Allow me to briefly enlighten you.  According to WikipediaThe word “manga” comes from the Japanese word 漫画,[22] composed of the two kanji 漫 (man) meaning “whimsical or impromptu” and 画 (ga) meaning “pictures”.[23] The same term is the root of the Korean word for comics, “manhwa”, and the Chinese word “manhua”.

In other words, a Manga is a Japanese word used instead of Comics; with some similarities and differences as well.

Therefore, I decided to create A Christian Manga version from my Christian Science Fiction stories.

Feel free to read the Manga version of my books at If you still have not read The Hero Within – Awareness and The Hero Within – Power ; I strongly suggest you to read them; but if you want to get a quick view and enjoy them, go straight to the Manga Version.

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