A Glimpse into My Soul

A Glimpse into Yeral Ogando's Soul

The Lord was the One calling me and getting me out of the dirt. He chose me for a reason; therefore, I am His and no body else’s!

I hear many people saying they are holding on to Jesus; but that is not my case. I cannot hold hon to Him; on the contrary, He is the one holding on to me. Even if I stumble and fall, it will be in His arms always!

I am part of the body of Christ. I am special, like no one else. Maybe I am a nerve or a vain; it could also be a single hair. I have my purpose and tasks assigned, not the same as yours. That’s why we all have different functions, callings and ministries in life. I cannot be like you, don’t try to be like me. Let us all try to be like Jesus.

The Bible tells us to “Rejoice Always”, but we still do not get it. Why are you everything with the long face, like an ogre. The Lord is telling us to rejoice no matter the circumstances. Always try to put a smile on your face. Did you know that you age slower if you are always laughing?  Well, needless to say, you are getting older faster because you are not rejoicing… Start today.

“Praying continually” has been misinterpreted by many people; even believers. They think that they need to be on their knees 24/7 (there is nothing wrong with it); but the Lord is telling us to keep an open conversation (a prayer) at all time with him. We don’t need to wait to kneel down to speak to Him; we can speak to Him at all time, while we are working, walking or even dining. He is our friend, so, speak to Him like a friend would.

This is a very tricky part, where most of the time, we are kind of lost. We are called to give thanks IN all circumstances. Do you see the word highlighted? It is IN all; many people are giving thanks for all and everything in their lives (that is not bad); but we need to understand there are things happening in our lives because of several reasons.

  1. God’s permission or plan.
  2. Satan’s influences.
  3. Our own desire and stubbornness.
  4. Natural circumstances or outside of our control (the world’s).

I am not going to give thanks for the things Satan is trying to do or having evil influences over me, but I will give thanks IN that situation or circumstance, because I know the Lord is with me.