Who are These Books For

Who are These Books For

Over the last few years, I’ve written dozens of books; most of them targeted to learn a new language and some of them about Christianity. All of my books are available at Amazon.com. Click on My Books tab to view the list.

People of all ages

People who challenge themselves to learn a new language by increasing their opportunities of success in their lives. Learning a new language will open new doors and bring more opportunity for your life. It is going to be easy; but it will definitely be easier using my methods.


People who are just starting or want to start to learn a new language using my incredible and outstanding results methods. If you are just a beginner or are about to begin your learning process; my methods will be the best fit, if you really want to learn quick.

Dedicated People

Only dedicated and well disciplined people are able to learn by themselves or be self-taught. My language books are targeted to self-taught. They can also be used in a class room or with a teacher; but the main goal is for you to learn on your own.

All Christians

The Hero Within Series is dedicated to all Christians and non-Christians in general. If you are an avid reader and you're looking for an incredible adventure related to the Bible, Christianity and spiritual battles. The forces of the evil and good fighting for you. Then, you've found it.

Get in Touch With Me

Dealing with lots of mail regarding my books, ministries and articles, I really do appreciate every message, questions, testimony or inquiry I get from you.