Who is Elöhïm in Genesis 1:1?

Who is Elöhïm in Genesis 1:1?


In My Bible’s Journey, we will discuss about Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God* created the heaven and the earth

*I am placing an asterisk over the word that we will discuss on each article. Where we will find our most exciting discover about the Word of God.

The question is: Who is God? God is the Creator of the universe and everything in it. Therefore, He is the most Powerful Being on existence. He is God Almighty.

Now, are we monotheist? A monotheist believes in one God only. On the other hand, are we polytheists? A polytheist worships and believes in more than one god.

Before you answer this question, allow me to share my findings on Genesis 1:1 and the word we placed the asterisk at the beginning “God”. “… God created…” The word God used in this Bible verse; mentioned approximately 2,570 times in the Bible is “Elohim”. This word means “Gods”, so we can call God Almighty Elohim, which is the Hebrew version.

We understand now that Elohim is God, the first mention in the Bible about God is not Jehovah, but Elohim. Jehovah was used later on and it also means God, but we are discussing the original form of God or God the Father.

The curious part is that Elohim refers to Gods in plural, it is not referring on one God only, and it is referring to more than one God. Now, wait a minute before you jump into conclusion here, let me finish my statement!

If the Bible is talking about Gods and not God, does it mean that there are more than one God and that we must worship a polytheist God? Just hang on with me for a little longer.

John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” The Word here is called God and we know that Jesus is the Word. Therefore, Jesus is God, God the Son.

If we go back to Genesis 1:2 “… and the Spirit of God…” The Spirit of God who is also God, The Holy Spirit was in the beginning and as we read in John 1:1, the Word “Jesus” was also in the beginning.

The heaven, earth and everything in it; was made by the Word “Jesus”. In addition, the Holy Spirit was with the Word moving upon the face of the waters. And YET, the term used is Elohim, Gods in plural.

Am I saying that there are three Gods instead of one? Well, if you put it that one, yes, that is exactly what I am saying, but before you freak out, allow me to explain you a little bit more.

Have you noticed in nature and every living creature that there is always a triune presence in them? Let us take something simple to illustrate my thoughts.

And EGG: Even though there are many parts in an egg, the main three stand. The outer part “shell”, we also have the yellow part “yolk” and we have the white inner color part “egg white or albumin”, but at the end it is just one egg, you don’t say, I want three eggs or the hen laid three eggs when referring to one. No, NEVER because even when you know there are three parts, it is still one egg.

Allow me to go a little further to conclude this short discovery. Did you know that you and I are a triune person? In other words, we have three main parts. The body, the soul and the spirit.

The body: As taken from the dust and dust will become when we die.

The Soul: According to Miriam-Webster Dictionary “the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life”. Our souls is who we are and ideally eternal. The one to go to heaven or hell.

The Spirit: According to Miriam-Webster Dictionary, “An animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms”. The force the moves is and give us life, but we have to remember that the spirit belongs to God and when we die it returns to God.

Paraphrasing our human existence, we are created on His own image. Our physical body suffers when we are hurt physically. The one going to the ground when we die and becoming nothing but soil. Our soul which is what we are, our essence, thoughts and personality, the immortal and eternal being in us and the one to get eternal damnation or salvation. Our spirit that is our breath of life, what moves us and let us breathe every single day, the one returning to God, because it belongs to God and it is the only connection between God and us.

Yet, we understand that it is just one of us, I don’t say that I am three persons, that my body is not me, nor my soul neither my spirit is not me. When I refer to myself, I refer as one person.

Going back to the subject of Elohim “Gods”, with the few examples I have presented to you, I hope you understand by now that we have One God only, we praise and Worship a Monotheist God called “Elohim” or “Gods” because His essence is three in one, just as we are. With the magnificent difference that He is not limited to space and time. The three persons of the Trinity can move separately and still be one, because He is God. That is why we pray “In the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit” When we say this, we are calling “Elohim” Our Triune God.



We serve the only and true God of the Universe in His Triune form “Elohim” Understanding that He is one God only, manifesting Himself in three different persons “God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy SpiritElohim our God.

Genesis 1:1 tells us that the Holy Trinity, our only God is present at all time since the very beginning of the world and He created us in his image, triune person, so we can understand Him better.

We are monotheist and we worship the ONLY and TRUE GOD of the UNIVERSE, ELOHIM.

Praise the Lord God of the universe and the God of our souls.

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