About Me

I would need several books to speak about me, that is the reason why I am currently writing a book about my testimony…

Of course, I will not speak about it now. I will share with you a little bit of general information about me.

What Am I saying, this website is all about me; kind of selfish (right); well, the tricky thing about me is that, at the end, it is not all about me, it is more about HIM (YAHUSHA), so, don’t be surprised if most of the information you read in this website, leads you to YAHUSHA.

I am here because of HIM and I am nothing without Him. At the end, if it is about me, it is also about Him. It is no longer myself, but YAHUSHA in me.

I don’t know if it happens to you, but for me, it is so difficult to write about me; I don’t remember writing or even speaking about me that much. You might say that it is strange coming from a writer, right? Well, I always speak and write about my YAHUAH ĔLÔHÎYM, languages, ministries, reaching souls for the kingdom, but seldom about me.

I am doing my best here, so, please be patient with me (giggles…)

Let us start with the information you are waiting for, that’s why you are reading this section, isn’t it?

Born in 1978, Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic.

Born into Idolatry

I was born and raised into idolatry (not proud of it). My entire family used to worship idols (witches and wizards, witchcraft).

Sick From 6 months old

Nobody could explained it, not even doctors; but I suffered from my very first months until I was 16 to 17 years old. I was the black Job (I hope you get it... Job from the Bible). My skin was always sore, something like leprosy. I was despised by many.

YAHUSHA Called me

16 to 17 years old, YAHUSHA had mercy on me and called me to serve Him. I was rescued from idolatry. From that moment on, I was a different person and of course, the Lord healed my skin.

Ordained Minister & Pastor

Minister, Pastor, Co-pastor, Bible teacher, Church planter...

Christian Writer

I consider myself to be a Christian writer. Not only because of the Christian Novel, I've written, but also because of the hundreds of articles and sermons created throughout the years.

Language Professor

My long experience teaching languages, both national and international; in private institutions, schools, universities, have given me the opportunity to share my language knowledge with others. I love languages.


I love to start new businesses, my mind is into business, creating opportunities and jobs for people in search of them. However, my entrepreneurship is mostly focus into innovating ways to reach souls for the kingdom of our YAHUAH ĔLÔHÎYM.

Who Am I?

Well, that is the One million dollars question. Who Am I?

Many people wonder and spend their lives asking themselves the very same question "Who Am I" And it is obvious that you also want to know who I am. Otherwise, you would not be reading this section. Right?

Am I a father, a brother, a pastor, a friend, a minister...? Who Am I?

I am 100% sure to know who I am. I am a mere vessel for my YAHUSHA; with nothing else to do, but His commandments.

When He tells me something, that is what I have to do, no questions ask.

I am His slave, His servant, His vessel and my goal is to fulfill His tasks in my life.

I am nobody without Him. I am nothing without my YAHUSHA. I am what He wants me and who He wants me to be, nothing else.

At this moment, my question is "Who are you?". Do you know who you are?... Interesting question for you to reflect and answer yourself. You can also share it with me, if you wish.

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