Extended Version of my Testimony

So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, ‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty.’”

Luke 17:10


It is very important to understand the background on my family before getting into the real thing. My family members have always been strong believers, even when they have believed in wrong gods and idols.

My grandmother was the patriarch of the family along with my grandfather and my father was one of the heads, leaders in the family.

They were very devoted to their idols; they used to celebrate an idol festival every year at a specific date. All members of the community had that as a sacred date, sacrifices of offerings, food, drinks, dancing and everything you might think, thus honoring local Caribbean idols.

That is the environment where I was born and into the family I was selected to born. A very heartfelt and loving family. No one could match them. Now, let me start getting into facts about my life.

From 0 days to 6 months old.

I don’t remember anything about this, because obviously I was a baby, but what I am about to share is what I have been told for years.

I was born as a very healthy baby, robust, dark clean skin, back hair, brown and black eyes; such a lovely baby, I have been told. Everybody loved me and since I was the first born of my father, there was a huge commotion and expectation from me. I was the second born of my mother.

When I was three months old, my father and mother separated and my mother took me away with her. The smartest decision for them at that time. Let us remember, that we are talking about 40 and some years ago, where the minds the thoughts were completely different than today.

By the time, I was six months old, my father had a desire to go and look for his healthy and beloved first-born son and so he did.

From 6 months to 16 years old

This is the beginning of my story and testimony. When my father arrived to the place where I was staying, there was nobody at home; but a skinny, sick and dirty boy playing on the ground.

My father saw this boy starting at him, but he could not figure out who that was. He took some lollipops for me and since the child did not stop staring at him, he decided to give him a lollipop; then, he turned that baby around and saw a birthmark on my buttock, at that moment, he only exclaimed my name “Yeral” well, it was all me, but not a healthy and beautiful son anymore.

I was almost unrecognizable; I was sick, my skin all sore, swollen and pus in some places. He did not know how that happened, but he took me away with him.

I was well received by my family, even when I was no longer the healthy baby. My sorrows started by the age of 6 months old; a very young age, but here we go.

My grandmother was the main character in all the remedies applied to my skin; anywhere from ashes with lemon (hot and cold), mud, and leaves of certain trees for healing, idol’s offering, and dedications enchantment. Anything, you might think, you name it. I had my grandmother, my grandfather, my father, four uncles and 5 aunties taking care of me as much as they could.

I was sent to the capital (Santo Domingo), since I was born in a town village, in the southern region of the country (Las Mulas – Las Matas de Farfan).

My aunt Grecia, used to wake up at 4 am to take me to a dermatologist or skin specialist, my aunt Nelly and Rosa also did the same; but there was no cure known to men that could heal me.

They have tried, believed me when I tell you that my family did their best efforts and beyond to get my sickness go away with no success. Doctors did not even know the name of the disease; they all had different diagnosis, but nothing definitive.

 This is how my life was. I spent six months of the year sick. By sick, I mean my skin was swollen, scars on my skin, skin rashes or skin ulcer. It might sound something simple or easy to describe, but I cannot find the exact words to share with you.

During my six months of the year that I was sick, I had a constant itch on my skin, so, I used to scratch to the point of taking the scars off, peeling my skins and leaving it in red flesh, bleeding and even at the moment the itch did not go away.

Parts of my body were full with pus; the infection was so great that the pus was in certain parts of my body. The itchy or rash sensation were constant, it was a disaster. I remember, seeing my nails filled with my flesh (skin) and blood.

In spite of all that, I went to school, kids were not very nice to me, but I had my sister Hiraida (cousin) protecting me. I did not have any childhood; I could not play with the other kids. I remember, sitting on a rock next side to a cliff on my school break, just rubbing my legs on the ground to ease the pain and rash sensation. Since my house was about 1 minute away from the school, my grandmother used to watch me and called me to anoint my skin with some sort home remedies.

This time of my life is mostly about my sickness, so you may understand better, where I am coming from. See the image below and the sections in read, so you can see where my body had all the sores, pain, rashes and sorrows of my life.

Imagine a life of a boy like that… well, that was my body and my life. I remember when I was in fourth grade, the teacher was pregnant, but I caused her nausea all the time, so, she sent me home and I lost that school year because the teacher despised me.

My schoolmates used to bully me and laugh at me all the time, but as long as I remember, it never matter to me. I did not have time, for anything more than suffering.

Three months a year I was in recovery mode (robot time); I laugh and joke about it now, but I could not do it back then. During these three months, I was in the process of getting better, the pus was no longer in my skin, just the dry skin like a big scar and rash (itchy), was dissipating from me.

The remaining three months of the year, I was 80% fine, because there was no pus, meds and remedies were helping; I could play and try to be as normal as I could. Just the big scars where my body was affected all the time and sometimes, it would disappear and only the big scars would stay in my body. Then, it was time for the cycle to repeat itself until I reached 16 years old.


Do you see this image? Imagine this image as a single fraction of what I was really suffering in large scale. Check the positions in the first image and you will understand.

My skin was filled with sores like this, 6 months of the years, three months recovering from it and three months with the sores dried (supposedly well).

Even by talking and writing about this experience, I am praising YAHUSHA, because “man” It is unbelievable where YAHUSHA has gotten me from. 16 years suffering, until He decided it was about time to end my suffering and claim my soul for Him. Don’t you think so?


By the time I turned 7 years old, I was sent to stay permanently in “La capital”, main city of the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo).

I stayed with some of my aunts (Nelly, Grecia, Aurea, Rosa and Olga), helping them in the house (I was a modern sick Cinderella), since I had to take care of everything in the house, from cleaning, doing laundry, doing the dishes, cooking, you name it. Fortunately, my grandmother taught how to do everything in the house. She was to say “Yerito” the way, she used to call me. “You don’t know what you are going to do for a living and when you might need it. Learn to do everything, so you don’t have to suffer more”.

From 16 years to 25 years old

By the time, I turned 16, I did not know much about YAHUAH, I only knew about idols and witchcraft; but as a normal tradition in my country, everyone is born Catholic; so, they used to take me to the Catholic church where my father was a leader as well. I learned a few things, maybe not the right way, but I learned them from visiting constantly the Catholic Church with my family. I think, the mass was celebrated once a month and every two weeks, catechism classes.

I was staying in Santo Domingo and moving back and forward, from Santo Domingo to Las Mulas (hometown). I was practicing witchcraft with my aunt, who was also a leader in the family (witch principal) and serving the idols.

Nevertheless, I had that desire to be someone in my life, to be different and I started learning English. One night a friend of mine (English classmate), told me that he accepted YAHUSHA as his savior. I said, ok, even when I did not understand very well what he was talking about. I just knew that once you become a protestant, you forget about everything and everybody (at least that was my notion of it). My friend continued studying English with me, but he was no longer hanging out with me, because he was Christian and I was not.

By that time, I had a permanent headache, when I say permanent, I really mean it, and it was 24/7. The day I did not have a headache, I felt relieve. I remember, going up to the roof to get away from all the noise and be able to study. The roof was my escape for studying and relaxing a little bit.

Three months passed by and my friend showed up at my doorstep looking for me. That specific night, he brought with him a small boy coming from The United States (Emmanuel), he was 12 years old and he knew English.

My friend took him to practice English with me. We chatted for 20 minutes or so, then he said that he was hungry, I got something for him to eat; when he was about to leave, he said to me “I want to invite you to Church tonight, there is an open area service” I just said “Yes”,

I did not know what I was saying yes to. When I got there, they were organizing chairs and musical instruments to start (I arrived a little bit early), I approached the Pastor (Crescencio Peralta) and the first thing that came to my mind was “I want to accept YAHUSHA”.

This is where it gets exciting, isn’t it? You might think, that it happened right there… Well, it did not happen. I don’t know why, but the Pastor did not pay attention to me, he just said, the service has not started yet, wait for the service. Now, that I think about it, maybe he did not understand me or listen to me the first time.

The service started and it was beautiful, the moment we all are NOT expecting was coming “The call”; this is the moment that non-Christian fear the most, when a leader or pastor starts asking who wants to accept YAHUSHA as their Savior. It might not be like that in other countries, but in the Caribbean, it is like and they almost force you say “Yes” and become Christian, even when you don’t mean it. I have seen many people (youngster and adults) saying yes, just to get out of that awkward moment.

Who wants to accept YAHUSHA as his Savior, continued the pastor saying, everyone who wanted to accept YAHUSHA stepped into the front, luckily this time, I was one among the group of almost new believers.

You are not going to believe this, the pastor prayed for everyone else, but me… wait… Are you saying that they did not pray for you? Yes, that is exactly what I am saying… I was kind of invisible.

The service finished, the calling, collecting the offering and everybody started to leave. When there were only the church members that were going to gather all the chairs and instruments left, I went once again to the pastor and said to him “I want to accept YAHUSHA”, this time; he heard me and at the third time, he prayed for me.

Finally, the moment came when YAHUSHA decided to adopt me into His family and called for me. They did not take me too serious, because I was tall, young and super skinny (slim).

Something inside of me changed that night. I was not aware of the big change and nobody else around, but we were all going to experience it. From next day on, I was the first one at the church, serving in everything, praying, fasting, and studying the Word of YAHUAH along with my friend and a group of other new believers.

YAHUSHA started using me in an incredible way, three months later; I was preaching the Gospel with knowledge. YAHUSHA had bestowed on me His knowledge about His Word. I was no longer worshiping or serving idols, I was only serving my Adonay and Savior YAHUSHA.

The change was so obvious that my aunt, the one serving the idols, make a plan to call me while she was serving the idols, she called me to the altar she had for the idols. I prayed and said, YAHUSHA, help me, I do not want to contaminate or serve any other gods but you. When I entered the altar, she was ministering and the demon inside of her (possessed by a demon), starting telling me that they were not evil, that they were from YAHUAH, that they were even using the Bible while evil ministering. Deep in my thoughts and my mind, I was praying to YAHUSHA and saying, if YAHUAH is with me, who can be against me. The devil is a liar and has no power over me. So, I made out triumphal and from that day on, she did not pester me into serving idols again, she respected my decision.

Of course, it was a secret, I did not tell my father and family members outside of the household I was staying. Remember, that I was the first born of my father and I was to inherit all idols power and leadership as the first born and only male he had.

One night, I had a dream (YAHUSHA talk to me through dreams most of the time). I dreamed that I was at my hometown, in the vast field among the mangoes trees and everyone in my family, including my father turned their back on me, but my grandmother. When I woke up, I knew what was going to happen, I was prepared beforehand by YAHUSHA to accept the rejection of my family and so it was. I went to see my family and told them that I was Christian and that I could no longer serve idols or worship with them. My father was so angry that he disowned me, everybody turned their back on me; but my grandmother just said to me, ”Yerito, if you are happy, I am happy. Wherever you go, whatever you do, if you are happy, I accept it for you”.

And it happened just as YAHUAH foretold in my dreams. The best part is about to come. Wait! I did not tell you, but YAHUAH healed my skin a few days later. I was finally out of that sickness and miserable life I had as a sick weakling.

YAHUSHA stated using me to teach His Words to others, starting cell groups at home, selecting a non-Christian home for the cell group and moving from one home to another, preaching on the street. According to internal rules, you needed to reach two years as a believer to be baptized and share the podium to address the congregation. Well, I was an exception, six months later, the pastor and leaders decided to baptize me, so I could preach officially from the podium and lead young teams at the church.

YAHUAH allowed me to plant many churches during this time; many new believers came to YAHUSHA by His Grace. I was the first one to come YAHUSHA from my family and other family members started to come to YAHUSHA “Hallelu YAH”

I started preaching and teaching on radio stations, TV programs, going abroad to teach and preach. YAHUAH was using me tremendously. I was able to plant three churches for YAHUAH’s glory and His kingdom.

I got married and had children of my own. I was blessed and used by my ADONAY YAHUAH as He wanted it.

Many things passed, which I will not share now, because this is the extended version of my testimony, not the full version of it.

From 25 years old to 33 years old

By the time, I turned 25 I moved to another city, because I got a job working at a resort (Bavaro, Puntacana, Higuey).

As you may guess, something really incredible happened there. I was Guest Service assistant and I was blessed and had high eye on all the managers. I started meeting with another brother (Baptist) in my room to speak about YAHUSHA and share the Word of YAHUAH.

You have to understand that it was forbidden to speak about religion or gather for that purpose. You could even get fired for doing that. The voice started to spread and soon there was a group of brothers sharing and praying in my bedroom. Since the group got so big, I thought it was time to ask for a special permission from the management.

I went to the general manager to request permission and praise YAHUSHA; he granted me permission to gather in the employee’s restaurant, thus making sure, not to create great commission or crowd.

It was impossible to stop, people were coming in our spare time to listen the Word of YAHUAH and fill their spiritual needs; they started accepting YAHUSHA as their Adonay and Savior; other brothers and sister joined the group. It was growing too fast. One day the general manager called me and I thought I was going to have problems, but guess what!

The manager wanted me to lead a Sunday Church service at the resort offered to tourist coming from every part of the world as a package for those who wanted. I found myself ministering YAHUAH’s Word in more than seven languages (I don’t think I will address how I learned all the languages here…), let us continue…

Maybe you are not getting the correct picture on this. It was not allowed to speak about religion, much less to preach or teach about the Bible to hotel’s employees or tourist; and that is exactly what YAHUSHA had me doing. The word spread all around the area, in all the hotels around. One of the new believer (who came to YAHUSHA in the hotel) was a Sales manager, so, I had more connections with all hierarchy and management. And then, another permission.

We had to request another permission for employees from other hotels to come and participate once or twice a month on the Bible teaching and praying we were doing. We did not want to call it a service (it would be very controversial). To make things short, eventually, it grew too much and too quick that we had to move out of the hotel and start the Bible teaching and praying at Sister Madelka’s house (sales department); because sales team was moved out from the hotel to live at an apartment outside.

We did not know the impact on this decision until it was too late. People from all over were coming to meet with us and pray; it has now become a church service. We had to call one of the ecclesiastical organization to send a pastor and lead the new interdenominational church that started from this small group of people. In other words, the first Christian church in Bavaro came from that group. After that, I moved back to Santo Domingo (another story, for another time).

Moving to another stage of my life; I forgot to mention, even when you have realized so, that I grew up without a mother. After the 6 months old, I never saw or knew anything about her anymore.

My daughters once asked me who was their grandmother and when I told them that Mamá (my grandmother) was also their grandmother, they were kind of confused, because they were trying to figure it out…

One night, I was watching Antwone Fisher, starring Denzel Washington; I felt identified with that movie and I decided to look for my mother and meet her. I had an old letter stashed between a catholic Bible pages that I took from my father many years ago. My sister gave me that letter, because apparently my mother wanted to meet me and sent a letter to my father to take me to his home, because she was going to meet me, of course, she never went. My father did not mention anything, because he did not want to create false hope in me. I remember my grandmother always telling me, look for your mother and meet her, because she is your mother.

I was 28 years old and when I watched that movie. Next morning, I had that goal in my mind, I set out on a journey to find her, my wife (at the time) went with me on the journey. I visited a few villages according to the letter, by 5 pm of the same day, I found an old lady, who was the mother of someone who used to be my mother’s husband ten years ago.

She gave me a number and that person, gave me a number of one of her sons with her. All of this happened on the same day. I went back home (it was on Monday when I set out on that journey), Tuesday (next day), I was already in contact with my new brother from my mother’s side, whom I did not know existed.

On Wednesday of the same week, I had spoken with a sister from my mother’s side. All of this is new to me, I don’t know any of them and I am 28 years old. I agreed with them to go and meet her on Friday of the same week (it took me 5 days to find her).

I went to look for her and when I arrived, I got out of the car (it looks like they told her that I was going there, even when I told them not to tell her). As soon as I stepped out of the car, I saw a woman fainted and dropped on the ground. My wife (at that time) told me, but help her get up on her feet and I replied to her “I don’t know who she is, have her children help her up” of course, I knew deep inside that she was my mother.

To make things short, I went in and she only said “Yeral” when I started talking to her, she interrupted me and said to me “you can hate me all you want, you have the right to do so, but I am your mother”. At that moment, I told her that she needed to thank YAHUAH because I was Christian and that was the only reason why I was there.

I told her, I came here because I have several questions for you. Why in 28 years, you never looked for me? My family has been living in the same place all these years and you knew where that was. In fact, over 10 years ago, you sent a letter to meet me, but you never showed up. She was crying… I want to know what happened to me. I was told that I was healthy and you took me away with you, but when my father came to pick me up, I was sick. How did I get sick?

She could not answer any of my questions, she went on crying… then I told her that I wanted to clear that part of my life. I told her how old I was, my achievements, my education, careers and family. She said again, I am your mother and I told her; my mother is my grandmother who raised me, my uncles, my aunts and me. This is the first time in 28 years that I see you, you are a stranger to me, your sons and daughters are strangers to me. You cannot expect me to call you mother…

I am a father and I would go to the end of the world for my children, I would even go to hell for them, but you never looked for me (of course, I was suffering that as well).

Before leaving, she asked me for my address and I left her all contact information. Wait! The best part is about to come.

A week later, I received a very weird phone call. Hello, I am your sister, and I thought to myself, my sisters… Hum! You don’t sound like my sister, I would recognize my sisters’ voice everywhere, but I don’t know who you are… I am Martha’s daughter (that’s my mother’s name) and I am your sister…

Honestly speaking, I did not do it on purpose; I just didn’t remember anything about them. Then, I apologized to her and asked her how I could help her. Check this out.

My mother is in intensive care, she is almost passing away and the doctors need someone to a consent form for her, but you are the only one with her last name. Shocking, isn’t it? I am speechless at that moment. And I thought to myself, this is awkward, but I would do this for anyone if they would need me, so, let us go and help her. She needed several flood infusions; she was close to a comma. I managed to get everything she needed (my wife at the moment, did all of this for me, I sent her to get all of that). I left to work (I was working a night-shift at an interpretation company, receiving 911 calls in different languages).

Next day, I went there to check, because my new sister told me that she was agonizing; when I arrived there, the blood I bought the day before had not been infused to her and she was almost dead. I created a big fuss and threatened the doctors that if anything would happen to her, they were to blame, because  the blood has been there for almost 24 hours. The doctors started yelling and screaming at all nurses, because they were not told the blood was there…

Surprisingly after several blood infusion, she started to recover. I went visit her once again, the day she was going home and I heard her saying to the other patients “this is my son, the one arriving” I pretended not to hear anything… everything went all.

Two weeks later, they were all celebrating and visited me, I treated her like a queen, my sisters as princesses and brother as a prince. I then became a confident and advisor to them. A few months later, my mother come to YAHUSHA, my sisters and brother as well. All the family members came to accept YAHUSHA as their Savior.

I was born for the third time in my life.

On January 2010, I was in Haiti with a group of missioners and pastors. We were overseeing 20 churches we had there that were working with us. I was training and preaching in these 20 Haitian Churches. Therefore, a group of leaders from the Reformed Church in America and the Dominican Reformed Church wanted to visit the pastors and brothers in Haiti.

When we arrived there, I had made the reservations for Hotel Plaza in “Chandmas” which is in the center of the capital, Port-Au-Prince. Some of the brothers from the group did not like the hotel very much and the president of the Reformed Church in America at that time, Rev. James Seawood (who passed away a few years later), decided to stay in that hotel, because I chose it “these were his words”

 Well, next day we started our journey of visiting churches. In the afternoon, we made it to one of the pastor’s house, who has prepared a banquet for all of us. There was a little girl (4 years old), singing to YAHUAH in Spanish, French, Creole and English. It was a great blessing.

I urged the leaders with me to hurry up, because we had to make it on time to our next meeting and to a church service. On the way, to the church, approximately 15 minutes after we left the house where we were all eating, I felt the bus spinning around and I saw a crowd of people coming in all directions, just saying “Mezi Jezi” which translated means, thank you YAHUSHA. They were hurt and bleeding, the driver of our car, vanished, we were found in the middle of the street with a stampede of people coming, buildings crushing cars and people on our sight. We got out of the car and I instructed Haitian pastors to circle the delegation that was with us in protection.

We were 5 minutes away from the hotel and it took is 45 minutes to walk to the hotel. We could not walk freely, corpses were falling on the streets, light poles crashed cars and people inside them, buildings collapsed trapping people inside and leaving some members outside. You could hear them crying and trying to save trapped members, but the Earthquake was too strong and the replicas were continuously happening. Our group wanted to help, but I told them, they could not help, it was not time to help, it was time to take them to a secure location, and there was nothing else in my mind.

 We finally made it to the hotel and the Haitian pastors said, we are now going to see the members of our families and those who are left, and we will come back tomorrow morning at 8, no matter what.

That night was the longest night of my life. Screaming all night long, people calling out their family members, trying to get their parts out of the debris, with no luck. After shake were strong and we had to stay all night on the open, because we might be in danger of getting trap in the bedrooms in case of collapsing. There was no communication and everybody thought we were dead.

A guest from the hotel had a satellite phone, he called his family in Canada and from Canada, and they called The United States to tell them the delegation was safe and from The United States they called the Dominican Republic, but not everyone received the news.

We could not stand the screaming of hopelessness that night. People were trying to get in to the hotel compound by force because it was safe, some shots were fired on the air to disperse the people from entering by force and endangering the guests.

Very early in the morning, we got out of the hotel and saw the desolation, destruction caused by the earthquake, the white house was down, corpses were on the ground in piles, people were coming down, because it was an empty and open area, perfect for safety. We were literally in front of the white house, but we had to walk over dead bodies to get there and see the surrounding. We could not stay in Haiti, we were risking our lives and we all wanted to get the airport. At 7:45 approximately, Haitian pastors came as promised, we all prayed for them, because the house where we were having dinner 15 minutes before the earthquake collapsed, trapping people inside including the four years old girl (daughter of one of the pastors).

Normally, it would take 35 to 45 minutes to make it to the hotel. We set out on our new journey, get to the hotel. We walked for an hour and half and all we saw was complete desolation, destruction, members of bodies on the ground, on the street, all the way along, we have to literally jump over dead bodies to walk. We made it to a cross road and we finally found some motor-taxi to take us to the airport, we had to pay high fees to do so, but we did not care. We only wanted to get out of the country and be safe.

When we arrived at the airport, there were only Brazilian soldiers, saying that the airport was “fechado” closed… I managed to find a tour guide I met the day before and we pay 500 US dollars to take us to the border on the Dominican Side. There was no fuel, no transportation, no road, there was nothing, the capital of Haiti was devastated.

When we made it to the border, we literally kissed the ground and said, “We are safe now” there was no border control, so we crossed and started our journey to Santo Domingo, main city (6 hours bus drive).

In all of this, I had no communications with my family and as soon as I touched Dominican soil, my phoned rang. It was one of my uncle (Rafael), saying, we thought we lost you; then after that call, my father called me. I have to say thing, I have never seen my father cry, crying is not something a man does (that is the way his generation think), but when I answered the phone, I could hear him sobbing and tears rolling down, he could only said “I thought I lost you”. We made it to the capital, brothers rested and US delegation returned to US, some of them were taken to therapy because of the shock.

When I made it home, my daughters were crying and all my family members, they thought we were all dead, but we were not. My family was shocked and they did not want me to go back to Haiti, but I had to help those pastors who risked their lives for us.

 Two weeks later, I was back in Haiti with supplies to the families. We received thousands of dollars in donations to take to Haitian churches and families.

Do you remember that some members of the delegation wanted to change hotel? Well, that hotel where they wanted to go, collapsed, remember the pastor house where the little 4 years old girl was trapped? About a 4 days later, they were able to rescue her, nothing happened to hear. A wall, fell on her and covered her, that is why she did not perish. YAHUAH protected her with that all and she made it alive, while four other members of that family perished in that house.

I was born for the third time. YAHUAH saved me a second time, giving me a third change to live. All I thought about was taking the delegation out safely, I did not think of anything else… And we succeeded.

Why YAHUAH spared me again? I did not deserve it, but He did it anyway. Praise be to my YAHUAH forever and ever, because He has great plans for me and He has saved me for the Third time. I was born when I came to this world (first time), I was born when YAHUAH called me (second time) and I was born when YAHUAH spared me (third time) in Haiti. Thousands of people perished and die, but YAHUAH saved me and my delegation to fulfill His tasks and promise. Let us conclude it there for now… moving on to final section…

From 33 years old to nowadays

I was preaching and ministering in different churches, radio stations and TV stations, in Spanish, Creole, English and French. One day, I visited a Christian radio station; far from knowing how that visit was going to change my life was I.

I met a pastor and started broadcasting the Gospel into the nation. Something you need to understand that, you were not allow to preach openly in Creole through radio stations (it is more like the Muslims and Indians controversy); Haitians and Dominicans. I was a pioneering openly and publicly that activity. YAHUSHA was working and blessing souls from all over.

That mentioned pastor was going through a difficult time in his life and struggling with some weakness of the flesh, so I started counseling him. Invited him to my home, I started ministering at his church, assisting him, he become my pastor and best friend. Far I had that this decision would cause me my marriage and so it was. I got divorced, my family was tore apart and what that happened, I just said to myself “What would YAHUSHA do?” and then, I did what YAHUSHA would do, forgive (this one is too long and painful, we’ll leave it for another time).

YAHUAH continued blessing me and using me, locally and international, training and equipping pastors, leaders for His kingdom. I matured in YAHUSHA and grew every day and the day come to end regular ministries and concentrate in the new type of ministry YAHUAH has for me.

Reaching in and out for His kingdom, connecting worldwide through the internet with pastors, ministers and leaders in more than 50 nations. Dealing with brothers and sisters around the world in more than 150 languages; assisting other ministries online to spread YAHUAH’s Word into as many languages as you might think. Creating new ministries for YAHUAH’s glory, being blessed with two sons and two daughters.

My conclusion to the extended version of my testimony.

Can’t you see where I came from? I was nothing and nothing good was supposed to come out of me. Literally, I was a sick nobody. What were the chances of being someone for a weakling like me?

YAHUAH had mercy on me and chose me to be His son even before I was born; He had a plan for me and my life. All the struggles and battles let me to this moment. Got get great things out of nothing, which is how His power is perfected.

He used me to bring salvation to my family, nowadays everywhere you turn on my family; you will find a Christian…

YAHUSHA is continuously using me to bless and reach souls for His kingdom from every corner of the world.

I am in His hands and nobody can snatch me away from Him. He has a planned, He has a goal for me and that is what I am doing. Through struggles, tribulations, battles, but in YAHUSHA, we are more than conquerors.

My mother (grandmother), the most important person in my life passed away last July (2019), but YAHUAH strengthened my heart. Continues to speak to me through dreams and in most of my dreams, YAHUSHA uses my grandmother as a representation of what is important in my life.

I have written many books, ministered to thousands of people and I will continue writing and ministering until YAHUAH tell me to stop.

Check this website often and you will find in the blog sections, messages YAHUAH has given me to share with the world, short ones and some long ones. My life is a blessing every single minute…

See the picture once again, of how I was and now I am healed and fine. Who would have thought of it?

That is how my Body was. The areas affected.
I was going to share more images, but the single fact of this one, make me feel like crying and my stomach feels nauseated with it. Imagine, if it is me and I was the one suffering. But the most incredible thing is that only those who grew up with me can believe me, or those who knew me when I was sick. When I try to tell someone, they can hardly believe me, because there are not even TRACES of this in my skin. How Great is YAHUAH. There is nothing in my skin, nothing at all.
From nothing (I), YAHUAH made something (Me).

Let me share my final thoughts of what happened to me when YAHUSHA called me.

I had a dream that I was in a dessert and in that dessert, I was inside a glass pyramid and that pyramid was protecting me from everything around me.

Meaning that YAHUAH is protecting me from everything and anything around me and inside of me (sin nature). It does not matter what happened, YAHUAH has control over everything and He is the one working everything out. No, need to worry about many things; He will take care of the rest.

Soon after that, I had another dream. In was in a vast field of green grass and YAHUAH put me there and told me “I have given you everything you need; I am now releasing you unto the world…” You might feel surprised but YAHUSHA taught me everything I needed to know about His Word; so, that I could pass it all along to others. All the knowledge He in-crusted in me.

If you don’t understand it, I might explain it to you later on. For now, YAHUAH is everything in Me and through Me. I am nothing without Him and I am here because He wants me to be.

Wanting to be like me, wanting to behave like me.

Nowadays, many people want to be like me, they share their desires and expectations to one day become like me. At least that is what they always share with me. Many missed to notice that to be wherever we are today, there was a great journey we had to walk and it was not easy.

I don’t want you to be like me, I don’t want you to imitate me; you couldn’t be like me. You have not walked the same path, I’ve walked to be like me and it is not worthy to be like me; at the end, I am trying to be like someone else, so, why do you want to be like me?

I am trying to be like YAHUSHA and imitate Him, you should do the same, be like YAHUSHA (He was, is and will always be perfect). Do not try to emulate me. I am not worthy, try to emulate YAHUSHA, He is worthy of all our aspirations.

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