Adonay versus Lord “Baal”

We have been taught many things over decades and we don’t even bother to confirm or research them, because that is the way we were taught and learned.

We all know that Baal was a pagan, deity, but do we know how deep that pagan deity has been in our lives and world?

If you research the word for Baal, you will find many resources and an incredible amount of materials telling you the real meaning of the pagan deity Baal.

Late 14c., Biblical, from Late Latin Baal, Greek Baal, from Hebrew Ba’al, literally “owner, master, lord,” Name of a particular Semitic solar deity worshipped licentiously by the Phoenicians and Carthaginians.

We can clearly see that the pagan deity Baal, or god of the Phoenicians and Carthaginians literally means lord.

Baal, the pagan deity has been the cause from ancient times for the Hebrew people to suffer calamity and hardships. They’ve been always forgetting their true Creator and whoring with pagan deities as Baal. We can even remember when Êlı̂yâhû (Elijah) challenged the prophets of Baal and the results of that challenge.

The word Ba’al appears 166 times in the Old Testament. You can also see it as Baalim as the plural for that word.

Now, we have adopted the word lord, which is just a synonym for Baal and we have been taught and indoctrinated to use the word lord in our lives and society. But there is a bigger deception, which we cannot see unless our eyes are opened.

Did you know that in the Bible the word lord has been fraudulently used replacing the name of our YAHUAH?

Instead of using the real name of YAHUAH, the translators decided that it was best to use Lord “Ba’al”…

They have SUBSTITUTED the name of YAHUAH by the name of a pagan deity, Lord “Ba’al” 6,521 times in the Bible.

Why would anyone CONCEAL the name of YAHUAH, the ONE and TRUE ÊLÔHÎYM from all of us?

And why would anyone decide to REPLACE it with the name of a pagan deity?

This is the reason why I decided not to use that word in my vocabulary. I will NEVER, EVER address my YAHUAH ÊLÔHÎYM with that pagan name again.

Whenever I need to use that word “lord”, I just go to the Hebrew texts and use the correct Hebrew word which is Adonay. Just as a quick clarification, Adonay is a title and it means lord, master. I will write a separate article on that title shortly. It is not YAHUAH’s name, but a title.

I use the Bible combination of Adonay YAHUAH (Deut. 3:24) or just Adonay, whenever the situation requires it. There is no need for me to use anymore a pagan deity’s name in my life or vocabulary.

I know this can be shocking or controversial, however, this is the truth. Just do your own research and you will be surprised with your findings…

All you need to do is have a look at the Hebrew original texts of the Bible and you will understand better.

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