How I became a Christian Author

How I became a Christian Author


Many people have the aspiration of becoming an author or Christian writer. They go to college and get a degree as professional writer. They are excellent. That is their profession.

Well, the way I became a Christian writer and Christian author is hilarious. I never thought of being a Christian Author or a Christian writer. Not in a million years. If you asked me what I wanted to be; I can tell you that it is a very tough question. I just know that I wanted to be different; I wanted to be someone and not just another one in the world.

I started learning languages and I realized it was easy for me to learn them. I started to teach these languages and I saw how difficult was for other people to learn the very same thing I found easy and simple.

I wanted to help my students and I started writing my own footnotes to teach them. I started sharing my tricks and tips and my students started to learn very quickly. One of my student learned Italian in a month (Louis Mare) using my tricks and tips.

I started creating my own books for learning and teaching different languages. I had all these written books shelved and forgotten. I decided to publish one of them “Aprenda Creole Haitiano”, that is the first book I published in the Dominican Republic.

People were learning Haitian Creole with the book very easy; I starting teaching groups of missionaries, church staff, institutes and universities. The costs for publishing and printing were very high, so I ran two prints and then, I left many books in bookstores in the Dominican Republic. I remember that one of the bookstore sold all the books, but never paid me back, because I could not find original receipt they gave me. Of course, it was lost; the ink was not visible anymore…

Several years passed and I did not even think about publishing any other book; but people were still calling me for this book and asking for more books into different languages.

One day, I started searching online for a Christian Book Cover designer for one of my customers and I found Sharon A. Lavy. She was YAHUAH sent. Everything went well.

One day, she sent me an email about translating one of her books into Spanish, the quote was not something you could invest in a book; especially since you don’t know if it is going to sell well. So, we entered into an agreement. I was going to translate her book into Spanish and in return, she was going to help me publish my books.

Praise YAHUAH; I was able to publish all my books to learn different languages. She even created Book Cover designs for me. I learned a lot from her. Until this moment, I have only published books to learn other languages; no Christian books so far.

Becoming a Christian writer and / or Christian Author.

I felt the tugging to write a novel (Sharon inspired me). I have Bible knowledge; I grew up in an environment with strong spiritual atmosphere (angels, demons, witchcraft, etc…) I always loved anime and I watch them a lot (up to today) and most of all, I know about my YAHUSHA and the things that happen in the spiritual world.

And boom, that was my trigger. The Hero Within (Awareness Volume 1 and Power Volume 2) were born. The story captured people’s minds and they loved it as much as I did. Sharon became my editor, Cover Designer, Book formatting and publishing consultant. Praise YAHUAHA. I translated The Hero Within Series into several languages. Christian and non-Christians love the story. And that is how I became a Christian Author and / or Christian writer.

I can only say that by YAHUAH’s Grace, YAHUSHA had all of this planned and organized for me, because it was not in my plans or goals, but here I am. Blessed and proud to write Christian Fiction.

While I was writing The Hero Within Series, I could barely sleep. The story was impregnated in my mind and it was flowing like in movies. I knew exactly what to write and what I wanted to accomplish with The Hero Within Series. In my mind, I was writing a future set for all my characters in a Manga / Anime. I created the scenes and plots thinking on new books and adventures that will come from The Hero Within Series. I created all the Heroes with this in mind. Awareness and Power are the first stage of a big Christian Fiction Series that I have in mind. 2020 will be a great year for me to develop these books and stories.

I have been creating a Christian Manga or Christian Comics from The Hero Within Series for the past 3 years and it is nearly finished. Once I finish the Christian Manga or Christian Comics; I will start with the other books of The Hero Within Series.

I am now finishing my third Christian Fiction book, which I hope to publish by January 2020.

I want to share my ultimate dream with you all in this article. My dream is to create a Christian Anime Series taken from The Hero Within Series. It can also be a Christian Movie. Nothing is impossible for my YAHUAH; so, there is no harm in dreaming. I am not only dreaming, I am also creating the stage for all of this to happen. If it is YAHUAH’s will, He will place the right people in my path to fulfill this dream.

Now, you know how I became a Christian Author and what are my goals and dreams as a Christian writer and Christian Author.

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