From Everything to Nothing

From Everything to Nothing

We were born with nothing, got education and a career. We started a business or a good job. We want to have something or live well. We want to be successful.

You have been working hard for a very long time, many years have passed by and after all the hard work, hardships and headaches; you finally made a good life for yourself and yours. You are finally successful. You have everything you need. You want nothing else; you have it all to live a good life; all your past hardships finally paid off.

When you are on the top, you have many friends with you. They are ready to go with you the extra mile. You are a successful person and you have achieved your goals in life. It is easy for you to have many friends; you are a real model and many wants to be like you.

Your feelings of achievements are great; it is easy for you to praise the Lord in everything. You are a cornerstone for your family and friends. Everything is awesome.

Whenever there is someone in need, you are ready to get your checkbook and write a check. You are able to help without any worries. One of your friend is having a hard time; you become a messenger of the Lord by showing up at this front door with everything they might need.

You even give him a loan to pay you back whenever he is back on his feet (of course, you don’t want him to pay you back) and with some of your friends, you just give them what they need. You are blessed in every way and you are a blessing to others.

Suddenly, something happen that kicks you out of balance. Your life get upside down. There is problem with your family. Your lovely family is no longer united; in fact, you are on the edge of losing your family. Finally, it happens, you’ve lost everything, your family (divorced), your children are no longer with you. You are now paying alimonies. Your wealth has been drained by the toilet and you are with nothing and with nobody.

At this point, your feelings are different and you might start to wonder, why all of this has happened to you. Your friends are no more; your family members have forsaken you.  You are literally broke with no money at all.

You call your friends and ask them for a loan (the very same ones you helped and lent money to; but instead, they are not there for you; they cannot even get you to get a box of milk. Your family members continue living their lives with no worries; they can only think that you have made something wrong and many mistakes, because you are no longer successful and wealthy.

Where is everybody now? As my grandmother used to say, “Your real friends are the ones with you when you are nothing and have nothing” what a great proverb. No one wants to hang out with you anymore; there is nobody around, because you have nothing left.

When you find yourself in this critical moment of your life, there are several ways to react and your own future will depend on your reaction. I am just going to share briefly two ways.

  1. You can curse God and die (Job’s friends and wife told him that). In other words, you can complain, cry, hate everybody… engulf yourself in vices and start walking away from God, church and everything you’ve known as true. Many even attempt against their own lives.

It is not easy for you to have everything and lose it all of a sudden. Leaving you with debts and problems only. Debts you did not have, but now you do. You were living as a king and now, you find yourself, alone and even living in a renting house (hut); where you cannot even take a shower, because the bathroom is too small. You were used to a big house, big space and have everything. This is where many people vanish or even enter into depression.

  1. The Hard away: You can just say and understand “God gave me everything and God took it away; blessed be Thy name” this is the most difficult decision and path to follow.

Even in the midst of hardships, being at the bottom is not an easy task, but you decide against all the adversities to be truthful to God and see things with a purpose. You know that everything happening in your life has a purpose and that God is in control; so, why do you want to doubt now? Because you end up having nothing after having everything.

Were you complaining to God when you had everything? Were you in anguish, anxiety and depression when you were blessed and had everything? Of course, you were not.

So, what has changed now? The fact that you have nothing, you don’t even have enough to eat or pay your rent. You have nobody around you, your friends are gone… but you are forgetting something very important. God is there with you. God has not left you or forsaken you. This is just another stage of your life and you are being tested.

Learn from Job and you will see results. Job did not curse God, did not turn away from God; on the contrary, he was always faithful, even when he was sick, became like a beggar; without family; but he knew that God was with him, even in the darkest moment of his life.

If you choose this path, then your faithfulness will be greatly rewarded. Read the book of Jobs and you will understand it better. God blessed Job with more wealth that what he had before.

You might say that the times are different. In ancient times, you only needed properties, livestock’s (sheep, pigs, cows, etc…) and a few coins to be wealthy.

Now, you need a lot of money (same as before), property (same as before), and assets (same as before); therefore, nothing has changed other than the lifestyle and the different names for things you need to call yourself wealthy.

Wait, you might also say, that God does not work in the same way He did in the past… you might be right, but the good thing is that you can speak to God the same way; your relationship with God can be the same or even better. I dare to say, that it is easier for you to have a better relationship with God today than in ancient times. You have resources to learn more about God and His commandments everywhere you go. You have the internet, where you can find almost anything. Don’t you see it? God is speaking to you through this experience. Ancient people did not have that luxury, we do.


No matter where you were, what you had or what you had achieved. It does not matter, even if you have nothing now. Just stay faithful to God and you will be rewarded.

You might even think that I don’t know what I am talking about. Well, that is where you are wrong. I am speaking from my own experience. I came to this world with nothing, God gave me everything, and there was nothing I wanted. I had everything, but then at the age of 33, everything was lost. I ended up with nothing and having to start from scratch, but I did not panic. I suffered, but I knew that God was there with me.

Then, just 2 years later, God blessed me tremendously, with more than 30 times what He gave me before. I stayed faithful and depended solely on God, not on my knowledge or education; but on God alone.

Today, I am more successful than before, blessed in every way, known Christian author, language professor and many more. With more than 20 books published and still writing.

And the most important thing is that, I am still nothing and I will always be nothing on my own. If God is not with me, there is nothing I can do or be.

God is everything to me and God must be everything to you. God blessed me out of His unmerited grace. His abundant Grace is there for you as well. Just surrender yourself to Him and He will do the rest.

From everything to nothing and from nothing to everything. The circle of life and God is the one spinning the wheels. Praise the Lord forever and ever!

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