What we learn when we are children matters.

We all know how important is to teach children about the way of living and how to do things. Sometimes we forget to teach them basic things, but they learn while watching us.

Most of the time, we don’t pay attention to their learning process because it is common for us and they are with us; so, things are very common to us. Nevertheless, they continue day by day filling their brains with everything we do and everything around them.

Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

Proverbs 22:6

The bible tells us to train them in the good way and when they are old, they will not turn from it.

Allow me to share with you my experience in brief details.

I was always a very sick child, as you may read in my testimony, but I always saw my grandfather and grandmother do things, the way they knew. Even working on the field (plantation, farming, and livestock) to cooking. My brain and mind impregnated everything I saw, everything I experienced.

I don’t remember many things of my childhood (bad things), I tend to have a selective memory and I always go the good things, bad things I reject them and isolate them in my mind (selective memory).

Now, that I am an adult in everything I do, I remember my grandmother, her teachings, the way she taught me to cook, to do everything in the house. She always told me that I did not know what I was going to do for a living, so I needed to learn everything, even when things were chores and I did.

My grandfather used to take to the field to plant, harvest, and watch over livestock, sheep herd and how to cultivate many things. I remember that my favorite small was that of the tomato plant and lettuce.

Now, that I am a grown up, my hobbies are remembering these things, I feel a need to do these things the way I saw when I was a child, the way my ancestors did. I am speechless of how I remember things that I did not even know I learned.

I am planting Yucca (Cassava), pumpkin, eggplant, tomato, lettuce, mango, avocados, spinach, pear and many other things, just as a hobby, because I like it and I did not know what I loved all these things that much. See below a small video and some pictures. I am doing things I did not think I could do, but everything is in my mind and while doing them I remember everything.

Small details that would not make sense to many people are like the most important factors in this incredible experience. As cutting the grass and circling Yucca plant with the grass, so when it gets dry, it serves as fertilizer or piling up soil around Yucca plant so they can have a better growing process.

I’ve been thinking for a long time about a roasted corn, just the way I used to eat it when I was a baby.

Well, guess what.

I started digging on the ground to make a fire, like the one my grandmother used to make for cooking…

I made the fire for cooking, added woods and fired up, and then I started cooking my corns (roasting). It was an incredible feeling and sensation, taking me back to my childhood. See picture, video below.

You might not understand what this is very well, but when I was in my hometown with my grandparents, that was their way of cooking and living from harvest. There was no burner or stove around, there was no electricity, there was not gas burner, and everything was the natural way.

Even drinking milk, was going to the barn (open field, there was no barn, but I am using the term so you understand better), my grandfather or uncles were milking the cows and we used to go with a cup of can, fill it up right there from under the cow while milking it and drink it right there. Awesome experience, incredible memories.

All of these I learned it even without knowing that I was learning it, I can now realized everything I learned and why I love so many things the ancient ways (the way my ancestors taught me).

Our children learn from everything we do, from every single moment we share with them. We must treasure these moments and create more moments every single day.

Let us take time from our so busy schedule and workaholic life to spend with our children; because they will remember and treasure these memories and these memories will become a cornerstone for them in their adulthood.

Nowadays, everything is reduced to social media, like, fan pages, but people don’t even get out of their houses to spend time with their love ones; because it is easier to be on the internet all the time; but that is not what our children will inherit and remember.

What we teach them matters, what we teach them will have a great impact in their lives; that they will become better men or women. Of course, not all of our children will be like us, but all of them will remember the precious moments shared and what we taught them directly and indirectly.

I am sharing my own experience and learning, so you may understand how deep your behavior and teaching will affect your children in the future. Spend quality time with them, create memories, recreate awesome moments with them, because they will remember it and they will remember you.

What we learn when we are children matters and it can be the difference in turning a child’s life into the right path in the future.

Bennett (one of my sons) helping me out light the fire for the corns.

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